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It's great that a platform is being launched to bring together Bulgarian businesses and help people explore, learn and understand how to work together in this global world. I believe in the values declared by its founders and the goals they have set. I hope that it goes on to develop as more than an emotional encounter, and becomes a working platform, which besides business relations will bring new friendships to the members of the IBA.

Georgi Toshev, journalist and producer

I congratulate Miroslav Bogdantsaliev and Paola Minekov on the realization of the idea to create a platform for support of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship in the world. They themselves deal with the challenges of doing business outside Bulgaria on a daily basis. I believe that IBA.Bulgaria meets the growing demand and capacity of Bulgarian entrepreneurs to turn Bulgarian traditions into successful international practices.

Tanya Koycheva, Head of the Office for Trade and Economic Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London

I admire the mission and goals of the IBA.Bulgaria! Linking Bulgarian entrepreneurship on a global level is a major task which can bring extremely serious benefits to everybody involved. This is also a part of my life's mission. I wish successful development for the new networking platform and fruitful business contacts and projects for all its members from near and far.

Nikolay Vassilev, CFA, Managing Partner and Executive Director Expat Capital

The concept is extremely up-to-date and inspired by the proven success of the idea of mutual help through networking! This makes this platform a success since its debut. Admirations to all participating, creators and representatives of the IBA!

Gabriella Bassi, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Gulf-Times Printing and Publishing Company, Qatar

We have a fantastic diaspora, but we use it very little for spreading success. Even just that - knowing who is in our diaspora, who are at key positions in different markets, is important. These people are usually loaded with positive patriotism and would cooperate, the point is to make the connection.

Kiril Petkov, CEO and Co-founder, ProViotic AD

I have lived abroad most of my life, working on projects from all over the world, so I know first hand how important connections are to the success of any idea. IBA connects Bulgarian businesses across the globe and facilitates their cooperation with international entrepreneurs, something that is of huge benefit to all parties involved given the favorable economic conditions in the country and the dedication, adaptability and hardworking attitude Bulgarians are known for. I am looking forward to seeing this network grow. It is an honour to be a part of it.

Tatiana Bonneau, CEO AMAfeed, France

I am extremely excited to work with the International Business Alliance. Bulgaria - the idea of ​​a business developing internationally and expanding its opportunities always inspires me. I believe that such a union is the right way to help the ambitious and successful Bulgarian business become even more successful.

Matteo Turi, Financial consultant UK

The IBA idea is exceptional! It is time to show that there are amazing Bulgarians out there. Let’s tell the world that we are working hard for success and that for this we need to be connected. I'm glad I can support this project!

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters FZ-LLC, Dubai

I fully support the idea of ​​linking Bulgarian entrepreneurship around the world. I believe the Alliance will be established on a very professional basis and it will enable us all to work better. It is extremely important because simply being patriotic does not help. The meaning of patriotism is to be an Ambassador of your country, wherever you are.

Atanas Valev, Trimona Foods, Inc., USA

What an extremely nice, clean and business-minded interface! Unlike other networks, here you can easily find where you are and feel comfortable browsing. At my first visit I spent well over an hour on the site, and I find it very interesting! In practice, the platform presents you with the opportunity to create a mini site of your company and business activities, which is a huge advantage and to my opinion - profoundly invented.

Miroslava Mitinkova, General Manager, Yasmin Holidays Ltd.

IBA.Bulgaria presents an excellent opportunity for our company to contact other businesses around the world and to get additional support to successfully expand our business beyond the borders of Bulgaria.

Julian Filipov, General Manager, Telelink UK

I was recently introduced to IBA and I must give the orgainisation a big thank you. Their enthusiasm and support have been second to none. The team was more than willing to help get the launch of my book 'Someone's Listening' to a wider audience. Writing a story set in Bulgaria has opened up opportunities and connections of which I am very grateful. IBA is a wonderful resource and support for all those Bulgarians or those connected to Bulgaria to forge a path to success. Thank you IBA.

Susan Mimram, Australian writer



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