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Innowave Summit 2019

Less than 30 days to one of the biggest business and tech conferences in Southeastern Europe – Innowave Summit 2019 | Varna, 18-19 October

Visitors of the event will be more than 5000 business owners, directors, managers and entrepreneurs from 28 countries!

Join Innowave Summit and learn:

– How to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your brand

– What are the key elements in good copywriting

– How to generate ideas and turn them into real businesses

– What are the most important elements for a successful Facebook campaign

– Why SEO is important to your digital strategy

– How to successfully close a business deal

– How to influence the people around you

– What are the next trends in Social Networking

– How to get into world markets

And many more useful and effective strategies and tactics how to LEVEL UP your business! 🚀

Over 90% of the tickets are sold out!

Get your pass with special promo code: IBA20 for 20% discount for Regular and Full Event Pass.

BE DIGITAL. GO GLOBAL! Learn more >>> www.innowavesummit.com

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