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Undiscovered potential in Property in the UK

Hi Everyone,

Throughout my experience in property investing and developing i have seen many examples how great potential is missed by investors and owners due to using incompetant and unmotivated advisors (Architects, Builders, Agents, etc).

The reason most often is chosing advisor on price, rather than experience and professional skills.

For example, one of my companies: Avalon Construction and Design has recently been asked to check already designed plot of land with positive pre-planning responce if it can be optimised and unsuprisingly managed to substantially increase the GDV. The proposed houses layout was inefective and based on wrong interpretation of pre-planning advise.

If a member of IBA needs UK planning feasability advise on investment property, please do let me know.

Let’s make sure that we use the full potential of our investments!

Best regards!

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