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Welcome to ibaConnect – the online business platform of International Business Alliance.Bulgaria! Get connected with over 1000 Bulgarian entrepreneurs, experts, and young talents in 25+ countries across the world!

Why Join ibaConnect?

By becoming a registered member of the Bulgarian professional business network ibaConnect you will get full access to its features and can take advantage of the infinite possibilities it offers!

  • Find new partners, clients, investors, and friends all over the world
  • Expand and promote your business internationally
  • Exchange ideas and expertise with other professionals
  • Reach people with the same business interests

Discover the new global Bulgaria – we are better together!

ibaConnect Members

Our professional network is meant for several types of individuals and businesses:

  • Companies based in Bulgaria planning to enter foreign markets and / or offer their products and services abroad
  • Foreign companies that would like to establish themselves on the Bulgarian market or use the products and services of Bulgarian companies
  • Companies created by Bulgarians or in partnership with Bulgarians around the world
  • Employers, Freelancers, Job seekers, and Students across the globe
  • Institutions, non-profit organisations, etc

Membership Benefits

The right contacts and essential business information at the right time!

  • Our members are empowered to communicate freely in their native language with Bulgarians in all corners of the world. They share common interests, business ideas, best practices and initiate discussions.
  • In view of today’s shortage of skilled personnel and the great competition on the labor market, ibaConnect members highly value the chance to look for and offer employment within our network.
  • Members of ibaConnect also have the opportunity to participate In exclusive networking and educational events expanding their professional horizons. And there's more to come!

ELYSIUM  Business Magazine

Learn about the latest and most exciting developments in the realm of business and culture and get to know the people behind them! ELYSIUM Magazine is the official media of IBA.Bulgaria, created to deliver an exclusive and inspirational content reflecting our readers’ personal and business aspirations, values and interests.


IBA Community Reviews

Read what current members of IBA.Bulgaria share about our international network and what has inspired them to come aboard!

Georgi Toshev, journalist and producer

Together is a Great Force

It's great that a platform is being launched to bring together Bulgarian businesses and help people explore, learn and understand how to work together in this global world. I believe in the values declared by its founders and the goals they have set.

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters FZ-LLC

IBA Network

The IBA idea is exceptional! It is time to show that there are amazing Bulgarians out there. Let’s tell the world that we are working hard for success and that for this we need to be connected. I'm glad I can support this project!

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters FZ-LLC
Kiril Petkov, CEO and Co-founder, ProViotic AD

Making the connection

We have a fantastic diaspora, but we use it very little for spreading success. Even just that - knowing who is in our diaspora, who are at key positions in different markets, is important. These people are usually loaded with positive patriotism and would cooperate, the point is to make the connection.

Kiril Petkov, CEO and Co-founder, ProViotic AD

ibaConnect Goes Mobile:
Coming Soon…!

We are currently working on a mobile app that will make your access to ibaConnect platform even more convenient!

Stay tuned for progress updates!

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