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365 days, 365 opportunities: Go for the maximum!

To begin the new year pumped, I share some personal and proven tactics that IMG_20180927_191951will unlock the motivated, highly energetic, hyper-active person in every lifestyle. Because every positive and successful work must begin within ourselves and from us. Whether you are working, learning or resting, we all need small, day-to-day improvements that lead to great results in the future. Even when you are on holiday, you are thinking, subconsciously not leaving the work, no matter that it could be a pleasure. Try my personal plan and follow it within 60 days so that you would see the result yourself. Yes, it’s hard at first but it’s worth!

Ideally, all this involves being unmarried and owning a business. But everyone could do their best and be a leader in their own league regardless of the work they do. Because only then, one would accomplish the dreams in a deserved way!

1. Get up early (6 days a week)

Many people understand this in different ways. Did you know that only about 1.5% of the planet’s polulation get up at 5am ? Try it yourself as the first thing you would do in the morning is to have a glass of water. It revitalizes your body after sleep and activates your metabolism, and with that yourself too. Make your bed – that gives you a perception of order. Then, within at least 1-2 minutes, breathe in and out deep around 10 times. This normalizes your nervous system, increases immunity, drives energy and improves concentration. We all breathe without thinking for it and taking it for granted, isn’t it?

After, do some stretching for about 5 minutes, utilizing exercises we like as the idea is to wake up our muscles and give our consciousness a natural boost.

It’s extremely important not to drink coffee. Everything above is natural and much more awakening, stimulating and refreshing when you are accustomed to than the easy habit of drinking caffeine.

I finish this series with something of great importance – I sit and write on a sheet of paper the most important tasks of the day. It takes me about 10 minutes.

This whole series takes no more than 20-25 minutes in the morning. That’s not all.

2. Read

It has been proven that reading in the morning is like the working in the most productive hours. That is why I spend 1 hour reading interesting articles and books on various topics that help me with elevate my general knowledge, develop my thinking and show me different points of view. Even if you couldn’t devote this reading time in the morning, do it during the day, every single day.

It’s already 06:30 in my morning rituals. Quite a few people are still sleeping.

3. Accomplish 1 important task right in the morning

During the 07-07:30h. timeframe I finish 1 important task for the day or for the month. That’s the most productive time – peace, tranquility and home coziness. I see that many people do not realize that the best part of the day is the morning until 11:00. and lose that sleeping or unnecessarily playing around with social media from their phones.

4. Breakfast

Here, I spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes and I wash the dishes after. Honestly, it is quite stimulating to clean as we once again come to the order in life that brings confidence and energizes us.

5. You are 3 hours ahead of everyone else!

If you think and make a simple calculation on how much you earn for your own self-development in a single day, week, month and year and start following these steps so that they become part of you, you would have such an advantage over everyone else that would grow exponentially every day! And it’s not just for adults, but for everybody.

Every single day I witness the wasting of one of the two most valuable human assets – the time. And then, the health, of course!

6.“Power naps”

Many of you would be wondering how to stay active while we go to bed again in the evening. Easy! Take 2 sets of 20 minutes each to rest during the day, before noon and in the afternoon. The body is so much stimulated that it feels like you are in the best morning hours.

That’s from me so far and do not forget – it all starts within you!

Till next time!

Author: Hristo Yanev, CEO of VIP Sliven Ltd.

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