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International Business Alliance. Bulgaria enables its members to promote their business activities, products, services and ideas through various channels of communication in the IBA platform.

Members of the IBA can benefit from the following free advertising opportunities:

A complete presentation of the company in IBA’s business directory.
Publishing articles on Community IBA’s Blog whose content brings expert and professional value of economic life.
Publishing articles / news on the Elysium magazine website (one per month).
IBA members can also benefit from additional options to advertise their business at preferential price conditions:

Featured company’s profile on the first page of the IBA`Business Directory.
Advertising banner on the IBA platform pages.
Sponsored PR material on the IBA’s Blog with the opportunity to be featured.
Sponsored content in IBA`news page with the opportunity to be featured.
Posting featured event for a certain time.
Presence at the IBA.Bulgaria periodic newsletter or sending a separate company`s newsletter.
Presence at Elysium – the official magazine of IBA.Bulgaria (in its printed version).
Presentation during events depending on the type of the event and advertising options.
For a none-member advertising or Feature additional advertising, please contact us on:

Note: The featured options, the location of the banners and their duration depend on the IBA ad scheduling.

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