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It is time for the second article from the column ”Your best year yet!” by Hristo Yanev

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Do you know what the meaning of FIT in tourism is? That’s the individual traveller which distinguishes from the masses and their actions. It’s becoming more and more popular to be on your own which has got more pluses than ever before and that. Does not mean that the services of agents and tour operators are to be neglected, they are now even more important than before not only because of the quantity of options but mainly because of the local human touch.

That is why I’m going to present you with some active ideas for your holiday time in Bulgaria and Europe. You will need mountain equipment – clothing, tent, backpack, bicycle and your mood should you decide to experience the ideas.

Very important here – just notice what Bulgaria has got to offer you – truly the best among the world’s best!

Dunav Ultra

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One of the 2 ultimate experiences in Bulgaria tackled with a road bike or any kind of bike which fits you. 732 km from Kudelin village (Vidin region) to Durankulak (Black sea) showing you beatiful Danube villages, towns and sights. It takes from 3 days for experienced riders to 10 days or more for amateurs. There is huge organisation on the way and plenty of accommodation to be slept in overnight. Dunav Ultra holds the Tourism Innovation of the Year award 2017 and it’s a must try experience getting straight in your bucket list for Bulgaria.


One on one with Dunav Ultra in Bulgaria this is the longest all mountain flowing trekking route. Starting from Kom peak and reaching Cape Emine. A thrilling experience taking about 22 days for an ordinary tourist to trek the distance covering 20-40 km. Per day which clocks 5-8 hours. Be sure that trek will put you on top with the few people taking done that in their life. Definitely on your bucket list!

Tour Du Mont Blanc

It is one of the best hiking trails in Europe. Mount Blanc, the highest mountain of European Union, has splendid valleys which extend to France, Switzerland, and Italy. The length of this trail is 177 km. It will take a total of 11 days approx to complete the route. Breathtaking views, unique mountain experience!


Kungsleden, also known as The King’s Trail, is a 435 km route. It is located in the north of Sweden. It is a journey of hiking trail in summers and ski trail in winters. It features glaciers, forests, and rivers and sights to experience.


GR20 is considered as one of the most difficult GR. It is approximately 180 km that cross Corsica diagonally from north to south. It can be done without using ant hiking gears, but after that, you will be rewarded by its exceptional beauty. It can be walked in 15 days.


Laugavegur is also known by the name ’Hot Spring Route’ and extends up to 54 km in Iceland. In it’s beautiful landscape you would come across plenty of huts which only adds to its beauty. This trail features active volcanoes, glaciers and green valleys. It will take 2-4 days to complete the whole hike.

West Highland Way

The towns, Milngavie and Fort William, are connected by this 155 km long route called West Highland Way which is the most popular hiking route in Scotland. This trail offers the most spectacular sceneries you will ever come acrossin Scotland. It will take 6-8 days to complete.

Hope to have sparkled your passion to be FIT in both meanings of the word! VIP-Sliven Ltd. could always help you out and organize all of the above brilliantly for you. Be fit to keep your 4 interior empires – mindset, heartset, soulset and healthset! Thanks Robin Sharma!

By Hristo Yanev

The main activity of the company is tourism and tour operator business. We are the largest tours and activities maker in Bulgaria through providing day and multi-day trips in Bulgaria. With we are showing the spectacular Sliven region with the idea to offer alternative tours and accommodations. is our brand for domestic and outgoing travels for Bulgarians and last but not least we are going to implement our most advanced p2p artificial intelligence platform at connecting locals with glocals needing deep worldwide experiences. VIP-Sliven Ltd. targets FITs and small-groups and its Founder & CEO, Hristo Yanev is often speaking at the world's largest travel shows - ITB Berlin and WTM London.

The company is also dealing with web design, social media marketing, coaching and lecturing. The team consists of young experienced and ambitious humans providing outstanding customer service.

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