24 Jul 2018

IBA Interview - 3 minutes with Andrey Rusev, Kiddimoto BG

International Business Alliance.Bulgaria

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Andrey Rusev

With entrepreneurial spirit and a diploma in Economics, Andrey has developed his career in many different directions.He has worked in the fields of real estate and luxury goods.

Andrey is specialised in offering personalised LinkedIn trainings and website SEO optimisation. After the birth of his daughter he started his own business importing the English brand of children's bicycles Kiddimoto to the Bulgarian market.

 How would you evaluate the globalisation of your business - is it a positive or negative development? What informs your choice?

In order to have a global business you must be able to balance the pros and cons that gives you. That's why I would say it’s a development that’s both positive and negative at the same time.
On the one hand, you get quick and easy access to more potential customers, but on the other hand you need to have the necessary financial and human resources in place, as well as good communication channels, to be able to provide quality service to an increased number of customers. If you are unprepared to go global just yet, you are better off remaining patient rather than rushing in and losing where you expected to make a profit.

How do you find new markets and partners and does the global online network help you in your efforts?

Today, our business depends on the global online network and the analysis we can make based on the information gathered about the behavior and interests of people.
Thanks to those statistics new partners and markets are emerging without us even looking for them. And if they do not show up, it means that we were not active enough and have not found the right place in the vast sea of online possibilities.

Where do you see your business in 3-5 years' time?

Although I work and continuously develop myself professionally in the digital world, I am convinced that sooner or later I will "move back down" to earth again. I want to offer a higher quality memorable experience to people with children and to the children themselves, of course. This can be a special magical children's store or educational centre where children can develop their digital and "soft" skills for the future that awaits us.

kiddimoto-union-jack-great-britain-designAre you ready to get into the role of a ‘’business angel’’ to help a starting company grow? What are you looking for in a startup?

Unlike real angels, business angels have no wings and love to keep a close watch on their startups, so they can give them advice at the right moment. Being a business angel is an engaging task, and you have to be committed to the business just like any other member of the team of the startup. The individual personality of the people involved is a really important factor when business angels choose the projects to support.

I usually become a "business angel" for my friends who are still making the transition between employment and business ownership. Everyone needs moral support and guidance in these moments of their lives.

If the startup’s core business is related to products and services for children, they can win me over for their cause rather quickly.

If you are young company looking for financing, what are the ways and means you are going to use to reach investors?

The way to go is to have a lot of determination, self-esteem and dedication. Do not say "Yes!" to every opportunity or business angel. Choose wisely, look for your real partners. Startup entrepreneurs have to decide which is the best fund or angel for them, in much the same way as the business angels need to choose the startups to invest it.

How do you intend to benefit from the opportunity of direct contact with new partners in the markets you define as strategic for your business?kiddimoto-eurobike-germany-1

The advantage of IBA.Bulgaria is that it brings together people who have a very real interest in partnering with others. Unlike other professional and business networks, here is enough to register, publish a smiley photo and say "Hello!’’. Those with good intentions will respond.

How can IBA.Bulgaria help your business become more visible, more recognisable and more attractive to new partners?

IBA.BULGARIA gives my business the chance to acquire its own personality and image because, ultimately, we are increasingly talking about H2H or "human to human" relationships instead of B2B.

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9 months ago

Thank you for that opportunity!

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9 months ago

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