28 Aug 2018

IBA Interview - 3 minutes with Todor Terziev, NSR HR&Consulting

International Business Alliance.Bulgaria

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Corporate Social Responsibility LTD consults on the provision of services related to the search, management and optimisation of human resources.
Years of experience allow the company to give practical guidance on the most important resource of each company - the people who work in it.

todor-teziev2.jpgHow would you evaluate the globalisation of your business - is it a positive or negative development? What informs your choice?
Of course, I would say it’s positive. For every business, globalisation should mean opportunity, growth, new markets, new customers or partners.
Globalisation is warmly welcome in our business field. Yes, we are a Bulgarian company and we often compete with the giants in the industry. But we are also a Bulgarian company with global know-how, which is useful, effective and attractive.

How do you find new markets and partners and does the global online network help you in your efforts?
We rely on three channels:
- Partners can find us thanks to our online and offline presence
- Through Cold Calling and Aggressive Business activities to gain contacts and meetings Recommendations by our satisfied clients.
- Of course that the global network is helping. It is invaluable to have quick and easy access and exchange of information.

What are your business projects in the next 3-5 years?
Establishing a sustainable model of development of our consulting activity, through the organisation of periodic events, initiatives and trainings related to personal and professional development.
It is important to us to expand our "Successful tomorrow" CSR program, which aims to create a solid basis for professional and personal development for the next generation.


Are you ready to get into the role of a ‘’business angel’’ to help a starting company grow? What are you looking for in a startup?
This is part of the services we offer. Business angel is currently under development as one of our future CSR initiatives.
A Startup can win us with a concept, energy and purposefulness.
Many times I've seen startups who have the energy, but not the perseverance. They come up with the idea, but it is not supported by sustainability and purposefulness.
The mentality of ‘all or nothing’ lacks.

todor-terziev1.jpgIf you are a young company looking for financing, what are the ways and means you are going to use to reach investors?
Until now, each of my initiatives has been funded by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I do not just have BGN 100 000 sitting in the bank, but I found it when I needed it, using banking and non-bank institutions. I took money to make money, and now I’m gaining it back.
We now have a working platform, activities and initiatives that function, which I believe can be of interest a savvy investor.

How do you intend to benefit from the opportunity of direct contact with new partners in the markets you define as strategic for your business?
I follow the rule that the more people know what you are doing, the greater are the chance to find the partners to work with or the customers who want use the services you offer.

How can IBA.Bulgaria help your business become more visible, more recognisable and more attractive to new partners?
I see the possibilities of the new networking business platform in several ways:
Distribution of information about our business
Helping us build successful business partnerships by recommending potential partners
I will finish with my mentor's thought and I will slightly paraphrase it:
“Help us help more people get what they want, so we can also get what we want.”

Photo credits NSR
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