02 Aug 2018

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International Business Alliance.Bulgaria

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cover3minInternational Business Alliance.Bulgaria is created by Bulgarians for Bulgarians around the world. We might live in many different countries, but we are a united nation and the aim of our networking platform is to emphasise and grow our connection and make us stronger together.

In the short time span since the launch of the platform, we’ve already managed to connect more than 330 people from 20 countries on four continents! We have shared our mission with IBA Аmbassadors from different corners of the world, promoted new businesses and connected with foreign entrepreneurs and artists who have a huge interest in Bulgaria. This success makes us eager to reach out to all of our compatriots from around the world, but we still have a long way to go until we achieve this ultimate goal!


Now that we’ve come to a step closer to fulfilling all of your dreams, we need your help to successfully complete our mission to efficiently promote your business! We’ve asked one of the top Bulgarian journalists, and an early IBA supporter, Spas Spasov to help us understand the personal needs and goals of our members better, so we can choose the most suitable marketing strategy for each one!

After years of experience with top Bulgarian media such as Economedia, Capital, Dnevnik and many others, Mr. Spasov successfully prepared an interview, adapted to each type of IBA membership, which will guide us in finding the most powerful way to elevate your business to the highest international standards.

Welcome to our new interview series 

There is no single formula that can help each one of you get closer to your goals. We must understand your way of thinking and the strategies that you imply in your business so we can find the most efficient way to help you. We are sure you have a unique vision and we want to get into your shoes to help you develop the foundation you already have further. Through this interview with you, we will find more ways to promote your business, in an exclusive way. What is more, this will instantly give you more online visibility, as the interview is going to be posted on the IBA blog and promoted in all of the integrated media and networking channels of the alliance!

The new feature "IBA Interview, 3 minutes with…" was already tested by one of our most active members and supporters Andrey Rusev.

All you need to do to be featured in your very own ‘3 minute interview’ is to send us an email to office@internationalbusinessalliance.net. It is as simple as that! Help us find your way to the international market!

Become a member of the first ever professional networking platform for international business with Bulgarian connection! Say hello to our growing International Business Alliance family and find your success!

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