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Celebrating Businesses’ Care for Global Development & Sustainability

With the full support of IBA’s management team, we’ve recently started the public group “Care to Change” (go check it out if you haven’t yet) and the response has been phenomenal! So I cannot help but reflect on what extraordinary insights we have collected and how many important subjects have been called into question.

I’ve taken a moment to channel the significant contribution made by Bulgarian businesses and individuals in global development and sustainability. The wisdom I acquired was so overwhelming, and a great pride booster, too, so I’ve decided to share it. Here is our extended tribute to all IBA members who care to make global eco change!

IBA connects like minded entrepreneurs and thinkers and so I’m happy to connect you to a team that wholeheartedly works wonders in our polluted world. I am excited to introduce you to The Rare Blue project, founded by Eng. Todor Mihaylov in collaboration with Peter Dimitrov, CEO of Team Seasteps.  

I’d like to invite the founder of The Rare Blue Eng. Todor Mihaylov to tell us more about this fascinating project:“Our journey starts with designing prototypes for river and coastal cleanup, and continue to developing an energy independent boat, which will use to travel “The Way Of The Water”, more than 10000 km, following the rivers Rhine and Danube, sailing the coasts of Black Sea and all the seas in Southern Europe, finishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Filming all the time, we will show people of Europe and the whole world the relationship between human and water, how we treat this invaluable resource and how important is for our life.”

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What is the message you want to spread across the world with your The Rare Blue project?

Eng. Todor Mihaylov:

We believe that the time of the consumer society we live in today, is running out. Humans will soon be left with two options, either to change their behaviour towards the environment or to fall under the disastrous consequences of their ongoing ignorance. The purpose of The Rare Blue is to make more people aware of this, and I think we are moving in the right direction as we’ve already began seeing positive changes in many aspects of business and life.

But it is not just the message we want to spread. Our ultimate goal is to design and provide the world with effective solutions for sustainable, energy independent and eco-friendly lifestyle, so that people and businesses have real instruments to implement the change.

Do you think that every private business in Bulgaria and the world in general, should feel a conscious responsibility to work hand in hand with global environmental organisations when it comes to reducing the industrial activities damaging our planet Earth?

Eng. Todor Mihaylov:

Yes, I do. I am a firm believer in making larger investments in sustainability, eco-friendly technologies, environmental education, etc., and prioritising the reduction of fast-moving consumer goods. Such move will offer solution to many problems with pollution, hunger, impoverishment, and social development. By adopting this mindset we could develop a better environment for our children. We need to act immediately to still be able to shift their focus from striving for survival because of the damage we’ve made the Earth, to prospering. We need to teach them how to create balanced coexistence with nature.

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What delays making these eco-friendly vehicles widely available and affordable on the market?

Eng. Todor Mihaylov:

There are many such vehicles, vessels and flying machines on the market already. The technologies are continuously improved by people like us, who are dedicated to recovering the undermined relationship between human and nature, and also by the businesses engaged in facilitating this process. In my opinion, the delay comes from the fact that the old economic, social and educational models are still leading the world in unknown directions, while creating more long-term problems, without offering any solutions. But it is really a matter of a few years, we still have to seek strategies for tackling critical issues with the environment we live in, before they become irreversible. More and more people are responding to the warning call of nature and that gives me hope that in the next twenty or so years we’ll see a significant impact being made by smart technological solutions, not only in eco-friendly mobility, but also in other areas of life.

How do two professionals passionate about doing something for the greater good connect and come up with such an impactful yet exhausting collaboration

Peter Dimitrov, CEO Team Seasteps:

It was one of those moments when you see something and realise that it’s so powerful and with a great meaning. I was just browsing on Facebook when I stumbled across a post by The Rare Blue project and my attention was captured instantly. I felt it is so personal and yet so global. It was something so terrific that I contacted Todor to congratulate him for this great concept and achievements so far. At that time, the latest edition of the Volvo Ocean Race was happening around the globe, it was featuring a team sponsored by a foundation which supports causes like The Rare Blue. So I thought that might be helpful, and I forwarded this information to Todor in order for him to get in touch for eventual support. This is how it all began.

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What is the most exciting part for you and what do you get out of this project? Is feeling purposeful a force enough to get you going, with a mission so rare and lacking general understanding?

Peter Dimitrov, CEO Team Seasteps:

I always get excited when seeing somebody passionate building something from scratch, especially when it is connected to sailing and the ocean. After all, whether it is shipping goods or transporting people, for centuries sailing across the oceans has been the most important economic growth driver. In fact, today things are not so different, although it might not be so obvious on the surface. And this is where, I believe, the general lack of understanding comes from that requires seeking more means to educate people. In this sense, I’m feeling pretty excited to be involved in The Rare Blue on any level and to raise awareness about the importance of our actions.

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What is the future of the Global Ocean? What do you want to see changing in people’s attitude towards our environment? How can businesses help?

Peter Dimitrov, CEO Team Seasteps:

Nowadays, we’re all selling ‘future’, and buying ‘future’, but if we carry on trading in this manner – there will be no future. We need to stop and think for a while! From an optimistic point of view, I notice that through adoption of the idea for the Global Ocean free of plastic is at a very early stage, there is improvement and this is really encouraging. And yes, businesses can help by supporting projects like The Rare Blue and taking some precocious measurements of reducing activities that work against humanity overall. This will bring into existence the new, more efficient and highly needed products and services of the future, with guaranteed ROI.

Cover photo credit: Team Seasteps Team – Borislav Vakanin

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