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December 5 – The fifth holiday offer from the IBA Christmas Calendar

Gabriella Bassi_Qatar-smallThe fifth day of the exclusive IBA Christmas Calendar arrives together with a unique offer from another member of the star team behind IBA.Bulgaria. Gabriella Bassi is an official IBA communications ambassador in Qatar and an incredibly talented journalist and blogger. She has also created one of the most active IBA groups – CareToChange, where one of the most exciting and important topics such as climate and nature conservation, global development and sustainability and many others are discussed.

Gabriella Bassi is a freelance journalist, currently living and working in Qatar, at the New York Times Style Magazine and as Editor-in-Chief at the leading English daily Gulf-Times Newspaper.

Her regular Friday Buzziness series on the IBA Blog offers one of the most readed articles on the platform, which does not really surprise anyone considering the extremely interesting and varied themes Gabriella writes about – from ecology to cinema, from real estate to famous Bulgarians in the music industry.

Now, exclusively for the first IBA Christmas, Gabriella proposes to write for the fastest 2 of you free business interviews to present your professional endeavours to the IBA community. Do not miss the opportunity to reveal your business ventures in the most professional way with the creative and stunning swing of Gabriella’s hand.

Do not worry if you are late and you are not among the first two, you will also get an exclusive offer to for Gabriella’s business series.

Here are some of Gabriella’s articles to get to know better her unique style:


Celebrating Businesses Care for Global Development & Sustainability 

Making a Business out of Art. How is it done?

QATAR – The Gulf’s new game changer.

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