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December 6 – The sixth holiday offer from the IBA Christmas Calendar

Happy Saint Nicholas’ Day!

Happy Name Day to everyone who celebrate today!

Traditionally, The image of Saint Nicholas is associated with people who share their lives with the sea and that is why today we have a sea offer for you!

Our member TEAM SEASTEPS offers the organisation of sailing team building event to the first one who asks for it!

What could bring a team together more than a sea experience?

The team will organise the event with a 30% discount from the standard yacht team building cost, including:

– Up to 20 participants

– An hour of sailing theory

– Two hours sailing in real conditions

TeamSeaSteps(2)Feel the thrill of sailing with a competitive yacht, with the support of professional sailors!

And do not forget – the offer is valid for only 24 hours, but even if you are late, please write to! We always have something to offer to our most active members!

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