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Design Internship at IBA

    My name is Plamena and I am a design intern at IBA.Bulgaria. I am currently a third-year design student enrolled in the Technical University of Sofia. Part of my interests are related to drawing and photography. This internship has an important role in my career development and I am glad that I have the opportunity to be part of The IBA team.

I read an article by Paola Minekov, (founder and creative director of IBA), about the specifics of working as designer and I decided to contact her.

As a result, I have been approved as an intern at IBA.Bulgaria. At first, I didn’t know what type of design work I would be doing, but I was very excited about working in a team and learning a lot.

The idea behind the internship is to develop my personal skills as well as my level of professionalism. I would like to take this opportunity to share my understanding of the importance of design and to learn what is expected of me as a young designer in the industry. 

And what better time to do this than during Covid 19 pandemic?

 In times of isolation, I think the most important thing, apart from empathy and helping each other, is to find time for ourselves. This is a good moment for young people to develop their skills and remote internships are a great opportunity. 

    Many industries work in an online way these days, using a large variety of platforms.  By working with different people on projects, especially in teams, online internships help us to develop a lot of new skills.                      

    With this in mind, I started searching for an internship. These are difficult times, presenting unexpected challenges to both companies, who may need to rethink their whole structure and sometimes rebuild their business models from the ground up, their employees, who suddenly need to juggle working from home, childcare and homeschooling and of course to young people with little or no working experience in the industry. 

   Therefore I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with professionals like Paola and Aneta (Marketing and Communications Director), as well as the rest of the IBA team. I hope that all the new skills and experience gained during my internship at IBA will help me to create better designs and I think that everything I learn will contribute greatly to my future as a designer.


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