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Happy Baba Marta!!!

According to legends, the first martenitsa was made by Ahinoras, the wife of Khan Asparuh, in the second half of the seventh century, when Asparuh passed the Danube and discovered the lands around the Balkans for the Bulgarians. Achinora long waited for her beloved, and finally tied a swan of white and red thread to the swan’s leg, letting the bird deliver her message of health and love.
Another legend says that Martenitsi bound the Thracians on the Bulgarian lands. They necessarily put martenitsas at the time of the spring mysteries that symbolized the end of the cold and the awakening of nature for a new life. Orpheus himself kissed his lira with martenitsas. According to the ancient, it symbolized the endlessness of the life and immortality of the human spirit, namely in the combination of the white and the red thread.

Tales about Baba Marta

But the appearance of martenitsa is narrated in times and with another story. Marta lived with her brothers in the mountains. Her brothers wore a name – Sechko. Only one called Small, and the other – Big Sechko.
From the high mountain they saw and heard everything that was going on in the earth. Did Marta smile, stroking both herbs and herbs. She was warming the room with her smile, gleaming like the golden sun, the birds flew gladly.
Once a young busty bride has driven her sheep to the mountain. “Do not bring, bride, it’s grazing early! Soon Sechko will be gone, “the father-in-law said. “The towering blooms are blooming now, my daughter-in-law,” the old man reminded her: “This is a flower lying, not blooming, do not believe it, do not take the cloak.”
“Well, Tayko, what will Marta do to me? She is a woman and an evil woman can not do, “the bride said, picking the sheep and goats up to the mountain.
She had heard these words, and she was tormented by her hard pain. Nothing she is a woman, and she can subdue the sun like her brothers, and she has the power storms and halleys to sow, and she knows when sunshine to send. What a woman say to her!
There were not many dark clouds hanging over the mountain. Winds slammed the relentlessly swollen forest, snow-snowed snow, gripping hot winter. The land was skewered, the birds drooped, and the rumble of the river broke. The rebellious young shepherd has never returned. She remained fossilized with her sheep up in the mountain. That is how the custom of martenitsos is left to be a joyful Baba Martha and to bring only good things to the people.

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