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IBA Interview – 3 minutes with Ivan Dimitrov, founder and CEO of TopPrint

Top Print is a Bulgarian company situated for more than 13 years in the field of digital printing office and retail signing, outdoor and interior branding. Their two printing houses are equipped with the latest generation of printing machines, which makes it possible to produce innovative products of impeccable quality. Top Print’s mission is to provide easy and fast service at each stage of order execution. The company offers a close loop services – from order acceptation, to design, printing, finishing operations, logistics and installment. In Top Print’s website you can find more about their portfolio and non-standard projects.

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How would you evaluate the globalisation of your business – is it a positive or negative development? What informs your choice?

Looks like the globalization has always been reaching out to the new technologies, innovative practices and digital markets.

Today, it is a lot easier just with one click to make a purchase and for many customers it is only enough for the product to be of high quality and provided at the best price. That is why, in the field of digital printing, globalization is welcoming – if the product justifies the expectations, it doesn’t matter where exactly it has been printed. These wide-open doors make tight unity.

How do you find new markets and partners and does the global online network help you in your efforts?

Our company has just began moving towards the global market and we are taking baby steps before jumping into any suggestions. We mean to walk with caution: we learn about the niches, we compare markets and look for proper ways of positioning.

It is for sure that the global online network is an advantage but it is also only the first step of many more to come in order for us to reach new markets.


What are your business projects for the next 3 to 5 years?

Mobility. Once in the meaning of flexibility and second time in the meaning of technological development.

We are highly specialized in wide-format digital printing and from here on, we consider expanding the term “wide-format” into geographical and into digital concept. Geographically speaking – to export our services to more places. Digitally speaking – to create apps and additional subdivisions of our official site.

Are you ready to get into the role of a ‘’business angel’’ to help a starting company grow? What are you looking for in a startup?

We would never refuse to cooperate with a company of a similar background of ours – a company that is new, sounds promising and employs proactive individuals with an interesting portfolio. We ourselves are curious of what would happen if we share experience and advices of best practices. Even more if we exchange them. For us it is important to pass on.

If you are young company looking for financing, what are the ways and means you are going to use to reach investors?

Probably through partnership. In the same way we would support a startup company.

How do you intend to benefit from the opportunity of direct contact with new partners in the markets you define as strategic for your business?

We would take advantage of the opportunity by learning the potential partners – to understand what we would give to them in order for them to find us useful and vice versa. The contact is this warm connection which has always been essential and enriching. 

How can IBA.Bulgaria help your business become more visible, more recognisable and more attractive to new partners?

 IBA.Bulgaria is the linking unit. If I personally could use a metaphor, I would say that IBA.Bulgaria is the host, while we all are her guests. And just like every friendly meeting, it is important for the host to present us to one another and to make us feel at home. From here on, it is easier for everyone to present themselves better and to unleash their potential.

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