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One business lady’s technological world.

The hero of this story of mine is Anelia Alexandrova, whom I first met about a year ago and that was the start of our friendship and of some ideas for business ventures. I am really excited to present Anelia to you as she is an exceptionally fine lady and she has so many useful things to share with us as a mother and a business lady of much life experience.

DSC_242 p4.jpg Anelia Alexandrovа is a wife and mother of a daughter. She graduated in German Literature and Writing and is a holder of Master’s degree as a literary critic. Business took her to the world of men. She is an importer of materials, equipment and know-how for electronics and electrical engineering. While enjoying our afternoon coffee I asked Anelya to share with the readers of IBА the nature of her business and her future goals and plans.

In the last twelve years I had the pleasure to work with companies on a world level, primarily
Italian family companies of more than 50 -60 years of traditions in the sphere of polymers,
impregnating varnishes and resins, adhesive technology, winding equipment for electric motors,transformer lamination for low, medium and high voltage. I guess this all sounds strange but it is the world of mine”, Anelya says with a smile.

The business lady also says that it is a pleasure to work with companies whose products are
predominantly of quality and have loyal attitude to their partners, companies that support their representative in the respective country and do their best to avoid incorrect business relations or tricks on behalf of customers.

Experience has convinced me that when the customer finds the good contact between partners, the open dialogue, the mutual support and interaction , we all stop misusing energy in useless acts and we focus on the quality of the work and of the product. I am proud to say that we have implemented high technologies in a number of leading companies in Bulgaria and abroad“, added the lady of technology.

In the run of the work due to the good progress and cooperation Anelya was also assigned the development in other countries like Turkey, Serbia and Germany. All that contributed to the establishment of very high criteria of professionalism and business development.

There are, of course hard times in every industry. The business lady said that in the last 10 years electrical engineering reached very low levels, a lot of companies shut down or went bankrupt because of the nature of development, both in Bulgaria and over the world. Two years ago this forced Anelya to change the focus of her efforts regarding the market segment as well as to direct her attention to other foreign markets.

In fact Anelia is not a lady whom one can frame. She is unique in her charming way and she readily tells us about her life and experience and her new ventures. Disciplined and organized she is perhaps the most interesting and dynamic person I have ever met. Namely for that our conversation continues to the new horizons Anelya has set before herself.

And because of the fact that I had been dealing with polymers for so many years I embraced the new idea for a new product, a new concept in the interior design, the so called digital mosaic of polymers. The product is labelled My Mosaic because each single image is planned to be strictly individual, explicitly made for the particular customer. We did not have mass products at the beginning. Innovative technology that provokes the imagination of designers and architects is at our disposal, the product is light and easy to be mounted on walls and of various coatings, it is resistant to weather conditions, to different aggressive products, chemicals, abrasives and anything that could damage the coating. It is also very important, having in mind that we talk about interior, that it does not lose its colours, they do not fade.


Anelia’s story about the mosaic is a story about a new beautiful world enriching interior and home design ideas. Currently her company is establishing a network of collaborators – architects and designers who produce boutique pieces of furniture and have ideas of individual focus.

Whenever one talks about beauty he looks for it anywhere. It is not accidental that healthy manner of life is also part of our conversation. A person for whom quality, his personal lifestyle of health, the search of “green” products in the name of good health, the support of private family business, of families engaged in small facilities are at first place – these are some of the principles followed by Anelya. They inevitably take you to another business venture – a product we all have at meal time on the table.


„Ten years ago we discovered a family winery in Spain, the family produces only exclusive wines., IMG-20180103-WA0007While enjoying their valuable product, we as consumers, decided that it would be very nice, worthy and valuable for them if we get the product to be known by more people Thus we took
another relay – to introduce wine made from grapes grown free of chemicals and fertilizers to people. The winery is more than 250 years of age and old authentic wine production traditions such as slow fermentation, the weather factor in harvesting are still kept there. And of course the
aging of the wine in American and French oak barrels for more than 10/12 months as that guarantees good taste and quality of bottling. The winery has the name of Penafalcon and we have been distributing its wine for a year and a half already in Bulgaria, Greece, Rumania and almost the whole of Europe and we are happy for that.


What a real busy lady! And despite her many business activities she looks ahead with hew plans. She says she is spontaneous in her ideas and her dream in the last few month is to bring more people from the Balkan countries in their own business organization in order to get support and cooperation. In Anelia’s opinion: „Business potential opportunities are not at their best in those countries, I meet valuable people all the time, we work together thus preserving the energy between us for longer periods and that is what makes sense to work effectively in a community established by people. “  

The end of my meeting with Anelia is charged with the energy of a strong woman of twenty first century.

–   Is that your message to people?

–   Yes, it is. I want people to be together – the people of goodness, that is the most important for me. I have always been bringing people together.

–    And what is your personal satisfaction?

–   The meetings I have with amazing people. This is what inspires me – to meet very capable individuals of potential and professionalism, talanted and people of goodness. I would like to share all of these and that is the best capital and my most serious inspiration ! I learn and get inspired by all this every day. That is why my appeal is to establish ethic relations among ourselves – the people. To encourage each other mutually, to be true to ourselves as this is the best motivation for success.

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