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IBA members are becoming progressively more and more active on our platform. This gives us the opportunity to offer you projects and business opportunities in a variety of sectors. We are sure each of you will find at least one project which suits your own business goals and vision.


The advanced AI platform MeOnTour of VIP-Sliven Ltd offers dynamic packaging of the experience, flight tickets, car rental and accommodation.


TRIPVAM – а new-generation tourism company that aims to create thematic collective and individual trips in the form of stories, in which the characters are the customers. More info about the unique idea can be found HERE.

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The innovative startup VIA STONE Ltd is looking for investors. The company is engaged in the manufacture of ultra-thin and light-transmitting tiles of marble, traion and onyx, giving wide and unique solutions for interior and exterior design and decoration. Executive Summary of the project HERE.

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Build the best craft brewery in Bulgaria! DORST is a craft beer passion project started by two friends at the beginning of 2017. The company currently looking for investors into an ambitious project to build the most modern brewery on the Balkans.


Blue Sky Natural Ressources offers a presentation on the technology used to extract lycopene from tomato waste as well as the benefits of the process. Download the presentation HERE and remember that Blue Sky is looking for investors for its international initiatives.

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Zinc is a designer brand for alternative children’s wear.
Zinc is looking to add more boutiques, fashion agents, fans, followers and friends of the brand. If you want to have a new design brand in your store, contact Zinc.



European Center for Quality Ltd has already captured the interest of our members with 3 unique opportunities!

  • Flexible learning package for work-based learning iNDUCE 4.0 aimed at providing fundamental technical knowledge on the topic of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.
  • The exclusive 2-year program 2REVIVE which aims to support entrepreneurship by developing self-confidence, awareness and efficacy in second-time entrepreneurs.
  • INTOQUALITY – The association of quality intermediary organisations supporting mobility in Europe by promoting responsible organisational, logistical and evaluation practices in the planning, execution and follow-up of mobility.

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What about Brexit?

Only four months remain until the date of Brexit, but the consequences are still unclear, the questions are many, and the unknown seems to be multiplying daily. How can you get a better understanding of this political ’’chaos’’? The Alliance has several suggestions for you:

  • Invitation for a Brexit information meeting in the Embassy of Bulgaria in London.
  • A renowned property investor and businessman Mike Frisby is organisingcoaching event for professionalists who seek improvement of their business ideas in the real estate industry. Avalon Construction and Design will be represented by its Head of Architecture and Design, ARB Mr. Carlo Bughi. Another IBA member, Tony Houghton, a longtime exceptional Property Solicitor, will be there too. 
  • Julian Voynov, IBA Expert of Economic Analyses and Forecasts, presents his new monthly column on the IBA Blog – “Economic analyses with Julian Voynov”. The first article “Brexit and bеyond” came out this week and offers extensive information on all the economic particularities around Brexit. 


The Holidays are just around the corner! 

Winter is already knocking on our doors, and with it comes the boosted desire for days off and a very festive mood. That’s why we are taking a short break from all this talk about business (back with more next week) and instead we’d like to invite you to find out for yourself all the other professional opportunities currently available on IBAconnect.

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to look back with a smile, and look  ahead with hope! One of the newest members of the Alliance, Anna Kostova, offers exclusive holiday diaries! The “Diary of Dreams” has a unique design, a stylish velvet cover with a golden inscription and specially crafted pages to capture endless dreams. This is a unique gift that will help you plan more easily the projects and wishes you want to realise in 2019! A perfect symbolic gift for your friends and partners, or just a little treat for yourself! To success!

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For members of IBA – order from Anna Kostova directly with a 10% discount, by sending her a personal message through the platform messenger!

P.S. We have not forgotten that this Friday is Black Friday, and we want to remind you that there are only three days left until the end of the two-week promotion and the first IBA Black Friday.

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