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The Future is Ours

The IBA community is growing every day. More and more members talk about the benefits and what it feels like to belong to the Alliance. Here is what Teodora Urdeva from Ireland * – our newest, 17th Ambassador, shares about the Bulgarian Global Network:


The International Business Alliance.Bulgaria marks a dynamic development, aiming to provide you – our members with an effective platform for creating and sharing successful models, projects and practices. It serves as a bridge between Bulgarian professionals and the business world. We are happy to share that you continually contribute to the growth of the network with your ideas and content. Your input makes it all the more useful to us all.

As part of the development of IBA, the time has come for our platform to make an important step by offering a variety of membership plans, including paid ones. These additional subscriptions will include exclusive services, opportunities and benefits.

In this regard, we would like to share with you – the members of our IBA community who made your registration before March 6th, 2019, that you will remain on an Extended Forever Free plan, giving you complete access to all existing features on the platform. This was our commitment to all of you – the first ones to support us in the creation of the Bulgarian Global Network. Without you the Alliance would not exist.

If you have friends, acquaintances, and partners who would recognise IBA as their community, INVITE them to register before March 6th, when the IBA Professional Memberships becomes paid.


The IBA platform has been developing for almost two years completely for free, thanks to our supporters from different parts of the world who have volunteered countless hours of work to achieve the mission and goals of the Alliance.

For us, seeing daily positive reactions and referrals, it is important to continue to develop the network more successfully and help our members, to give them new opportunities for meetings, development, promotion and realisation.

From March 6st we will offer to all new members three different subscription plans, depending on their interests, goals, and profession. We are committed to providing the best service to all, so we’ll also offer a free plan, which will continue to give access to essential networking and business development features. NGOs, Students and Educational Institutions will also continue to benefit from an extended set of features free of charge.” says Paola Minekova, co-founder of IBA.

Our network has already welcomed companies in a number of areas: international business, entrepreneurship, investment, law, technology, construction, media, freelance professionals, students, cultural organizations and more.

Trusted specialists have become our committed ambassadors, experts and partners to support the IBA’s goals, and we sincerely thank them for their dedication and effort!

IBA is the network of the global Bulgarians!

Join us because together is better!

We wish you a successful and prosperous week!

*Teodora Urdeva works for Accenture Ireland, which gives her experience in various projects at the European offices of the social networking giants located in Dublin. As a specialist in mass communications and digital marketing, she has consulted many start-up businesses and events, and is currently working on a TedX initiative with a local team.

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