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Miglena Dogan_TurkeyEN

Miglena Dogan is one of the first professionals to stand behind IBA’s ideas and to support our mission to build a community, which is now a reality, thanks to you!

As an IBA Ambassador to Turkey, Miglena contributes to the Alliance by providing successful contacts with various professionals and companies.

One of them is the Bulgarian company Neterra, where Miglena works as a Business Development Manager for Turkey.


Neterra.TV is one of the pioneers in IPTV solutions for Bulgarians around the world. Since 2004, they have served as a bridge to the country for many Bulgarians working, traveling and seeking new opportunities abroad. With their Bulgarian programs, they keep the connection of the Bulgarian communities around the world with their homeland alive, lending a hand to Bulgarian culture and popularising interesting events. They create, attract and incorporate content into the platform, with the idea of ​​providing everybody with the opportunity to learn, entertain and inspire.

We are proud to welcome a media giant like Neterra among our members. We also have plans on building partnership programs together already in place.

Neterra is just one of the many examples of a Bulgarian company sharing the values ​​and mission of IBA which has found its successful and long-lasting realisation internationally.

We are excited that soon we will be able to share with you how the members of IBA.Bulgaria will receive preferential access to Neterra’s services!


We would like to remind you that from March 6, IBA.Bulgaria will offer a number of new and different subscription plans, including paid ones. What exactly are they and what are their advantages?

The Premium plan will be best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, freelance professionals, experts and jobseekers. This subscription will offer advanced services on the platform, giving you access to exclusive opportunities to promote and develop your business. By using the different options, you will be able to fulfill your business goals and reach the right target and information!


Let’s imagine that you are a young company with innovative business ideas you want to fulfill, looking for contacts and opportunities.

You have the need to meet new and interesting professionals from various locations around the world and different business sectors? The Premium subscription will allow you to follow without limitation all the content of the Global Network newsfeed. Discover the next key figures to connect to.

And then – to create a group and invite them to share your mutual interests.

Or maybe you have a specific project for which you need partners? You can share it on the IBA Opportunity Board and find interested users and companies to help you! UPconomy, Blue Sky Natural Resources, MeOnTour, VIA STONE, Trade Mission at the Bulgarian Embassy in Prague and other successful businesses and organisations already share projects and find the right partners every day!

All of you who choose a Premium subscription plan will receive a 25% discount on all advertising options on all integrated marketing channels of IBAconnect, including the official media of the Alliance – Elysium Business Magazine!

And that’s not all! There are also many other options to help you with your business goals and projects.


We thank everyone who has supported us since the IBA was created.

All of you who sign up before March 6 will keep their FREE access to all pre-existing platform features FOREVER.

Do not forget to invite all your colleagues, friends and partners who will also appreciate the benefits of IBA to register NOW!


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