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The power of the community

Sometimes, as we follow our life path, we begin to lose ourselves. Stuck in the everyday life, we forget what we dreamed about, what we wanted to become, who we really are. There are people who come to our lives to help us understand who we are and bring us back to our true selfs.

For me such a person is Iva Vladimirova – founder of the women club “High heels business”, a woman with an exceptional charisma and inspiring essence. Wife, mother of two daughters and last, but not least, a business lady, whо realisеs all of her ideas.


Iva Vladimirova has more than 20 years of experience in hotel management and tourism, starting from a maid and getting to a manager, then owner of a travel agency. Today, her main business and cause is the Women Club “High heels business”. The club was faunded in 2016, and today it has over 1,000 members, including several recently joined men.

I met Iva at the first regional meeting for the Women Club in 2018. I went alone, but, more importantly, I needed just 10 seconds to take the decision to become part of the club after she, with a wide smile, handshaked me, hugged me and said “welcome”. The feeling was like going home and hugging a loved family member.

Women’s Club “High Heels Business” is a united community of ambitious, talented and intelligent women. Its goal is to introduce and unite ladies who look in one direction and share common interests. The Club stimulates successful mutual activities and interests, as well as effective business partnerships. Through ongoing contacts between members, the Club encourages cooperation and partnership among its members in order to promote their business and protect their interests. Within the framework of club’s activities, members have the opportunity to get acquainted with novelties in the fields of education, adolescence, beauty, fashion and all other areas of interest. Asked how the idea of ​​creating this women’s club was born, Iva Vladimirova responded with a big smile:

“Every morning I wake up with at least a few new ideas and one morning I told my husband the following:”We will be setting up a ladies club to share my plans and projects with other ladies and create a community for their realisation.” This is how the idea for the club came into being, but maybe two or three years passed before it was realised. I had no idea what the club was going to be like, but as a woman I learned to listen to my intuition and did not start right away. There were many other times I woke up with this dream, but without a sense of the essence of the club I want to create. So, one day on Facebook, I received an invitation for an event named “High Heels Business,” and I thought there was a club with that name. I opened it and saw it was a book presentation. Nevertheless, I was convinced that it was a club which was presenting a book. It was a chilly December night, but I decided to go because it was my club, I was convinced it was a club. It was a presentation of Tamara Mellon’s book “High Heels Business” (original title – In my shoes). Wonderful, I bought the book, but there was no club. The moment I left, I already knew that was the club I wanted to create. The name of the book told me what it is going to be like, what I was looking for, what I haven’t found so far. “The very next day, I studied the details of how to register and claim rights over the name.”

Iva is proud to share that “for two years many friends and business partnerships have been created in the club, and we are working together for our development and success, which is exactly what distinguish us from all other clubs in Bulgaria. We are Family.” The club is growing every day and not only in Bulgaria. A club in Vienna was recently opened and another one in Romania is due to be opened.


The members of the club say that Iva Vladimirova is a mentor, a person who unites, someone who is always ready to listen to every idea and helps to realise it. Each of the ladies in the club regularly presents her business and participates in organised exhibitions under the best conditions. The mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Network “High Heels Business” is to help small and medium business ladies conquer their deserved place in society, make their business more successful, and life more beautiful.

Not by accident, in the beginning of the new year, Iva Vladimirova shared the plans she has for the club:

“We start the year with very bold projects in several directions. We launched online TV of the club. The goal is to advertise and present each of our business and reach a larger audience. Inevitably for the ladies, we will have events called “Kitchen on Heels”, with a title suggesting that we will have fun with any culinary masterpieces. The Shared Feminine Initiative will organise frequent meetings when we will share what we have done, what obstacles we’ve overcome and what achievements we have achieved. We will exchange experience and advice, we will have women’s talks. In response to the trends of “green” life and responsible behavior, during the warmer months we will organise an exhibition “Camping and caravans EXPO” – camping with caravans, we will take off the heels, we will go green – an exhibition of our business but outdoors, not in a hall. Outside of the network, we are considering a project of creativity – something to make us go outside of our comfort zone – we will gather and draw and create.

I sincerely hope that this year we will be able to proudly present the private home to the Club.”

Iva Vladimirova’s goal is to make use of the largest natural resource shared by all business ladies: other women in business. The club will focus on bringing together ladies at all levels of business to share the common goal of overcoming successfully all the challenges. 

The road is never easy, but this is what Iva wants to show to women – that they can be what they want. Different statistics in the last 2 years report that about 30% of the registered companies in Bulgaria are owned by women. The business is the natural environment for the ambitious ladies, because they are entrepreneurial in their nature and can make flexible decisions. It is also known that over the last two decades, women in world-class business have done much better in all aspects of business – both as managers and as business owners.

In her typical positive style, Ira ends our conversation:

“Everything we need to make our dreams come true is positive thinking and a little spark! Business on high heels is a mission Possible! I would add that we believe deeply in the power of the communities. We are extremely happy to join the IBA’s large international family.”


Author: Anna Kostova, business lady and creator of “Dreams Diary”.

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