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Top 5 must-haves for a high performing website

Meeting with digital expert Avy Pruthi

AvyExpert: Avy Pruthi

Avy created his first ever website when he was 16 when Hi5 was a big thing, and ever since has had a massive passion for all things web and digital. He spent ten years working back home in the UK, across the pond in California and New York and along the way did a small stint in Milan, Frankfurt and most recently in Doha, Qatar. From working with clean-cut process driven orientated suave Don Draper like media gurus, who you admire and learn a lot from to leading art directors, inspiring creative junkies to calm and collective corporates, Avy has worked with them all. Ranging from research and planning to strategy and design, keeping up with the latest trends are all part of his day to day functions. He works with clients in a diverse range of industries such as Education, Real Estate, Sports, Entertainment, Automotive and Finance to name but a few. Avy is a specialist in his field, boasting 6 awards for his Branding and Digital Projects.

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So, you’re starting a new venture, or perhaps you already have a business and you’re looking for advice, guidance, support, or maybe you just need reassurance that you’re on the right track when it comes to your website.

There are many essential factors you should consider, when it comes to creating a website, however, let’s start with the top 5 must-haves.

  1.    Content: Images, videos and good old fashioned copy
  2.    Design: Unique user interface; keep it simple, don’t over complicate it
  3.    CTA (Call to action): The button that lures the user to click through
  4.    Responsive: Make it mobile friendly, ensuring it looks great on all your mobile devices
  5.    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Writing good quality, relevant content is hugely important for your website.

Your topics and articles should be engaging, easy to read, jargon-free and educational. To summarise, the easier your content is to understand, the better. Show your website visitors why they need you. Are you meeting their requirements? This will help potential customers gain trust in your brand.

If you don’t have the resource to write your own content, then recruit a copywriter. If you already have an idea of what you want, you’re halfway there and just need a little support with final proofreading.

Overall, content is king but it includes more than text, it also covers videos, images and infographics and it plays a fundamental role when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.



The look and feel is a crucial consideration for all websites.

Is your design simple, intuitive and easy to understand and does it deliver your message effectively? Good user experience, well thought out design = Good Website Design. A site can look beautiful, however, if it’s not easy to navigate or responsive, visitors will not dig deep and explore.

Your design should be carefully planned, it needs to consist of tailored made visuals, original graphics (preferably not stock images) and informative content that makes a visitor crave for more.

Give your user a virtual handshake or a hug, whatever you prefer, make them feel welcomed and looked after. Satisfy their needs by providing them with what they want on each and every one of your pages through appealing content and design that has a purpose.


Call to action

Pushing the right buttons is not what I had in mind when writing this article; however, it makes sense when it comes to the top 5 website must-haves.

The CTA (Call To Action) as we know it is the button, image or link that your audience should ideally click to hopefully become customers.  Amazon, Shopify and many more online ordering sites have the CTA as the checkout or add to cart button. Other examples are as follows:

Netflix: Join Free for a Month

Uber: Sign up to drive | Start riding with Uber

Various types of CTA buttons can be created. Explore, trial and test. Even a minuscule change can have enormous benefits.


According to the leading search engine, Google, just over 60% of web traffic takes place on mobile devices. Users won’t return if they can’t access your site on mobile so what does this mean exactly? A site which is not responsive = lack of users, lack of interest, lack of sales, lack of… I think you get the idea?

Further to this, Google rolled out its Mobile First Index which basically means that they don’t care about desktop sites anymore. Sad but kind of true! Google is now focusing on mobile-friendly websites and are showing these first in search results. The mobile friendly design is a must!

Experienced web designers or UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience Designers) will focus on responsive design and are aware of how important this is in all web related projects. If your chosen designer or web design consultancy are not aware of this, hire someone else!

Search Engine Optimisation

Many different Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques in 2018 will help drive traffic to your website. Nonetheless, none of this is relevant if your content is not up to scratch and you don’t have the basics in place. For example: Title and Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, Simple Layouts and other jargon such as, permanent 301 redirects, XML Sitemap, Social Media Integration, SSL Certificate, Mobile Friendly Website, Correct Contact Information (you will be surprised how many sites I see that don’t have this right).

By Gabriella Bassi

Gabriella Bassi is a freelance journalist, currently living and working in Qatar, at the New York Times Style Magazine and as Editor-in-Chief at the leading English daily Gulf-Times Newspaper
For comments, collaborations and assistence you can get in touch with Gabriella on

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