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We can do it Together!

The new year started very successfully for IBA.Bulgaria. Thanks to our active members and their professional successes and achievements, the Alliance is growing more and more. Together, we prove that the worldwide Bulgarian community is represented by talented, experienced and successful people who, together, can conquer the top levels of the international business.

During last week the dynamic business life at IBA.Bulgaria was highly appreciated by famous Bulgarian and international journalists and medias, who did not wait to tell about the strength of the Bulgarian community and the prosperity of IBA.Bulgaria.


In an article in one of the most prestigious business media in Bulgaria –, the respected Bulgarian journalist Spas Tsvetkov presented the Alliance through the eyes of its creators, together with the ideas for the successful unification of the Bulgarian diaspora on an international level. A few hours after the news, dozens of Bulgarians contacted us, joined IBA, asked to learn more about the successes of our compatriots, offered to contribute to the expansion of the network, appreciating its immeasurable potential. The enormous interest was also dictated by the extraordinary idea that people want to be part of a community and progress together.

IWC (International Women Connected) also published an interview with IBA.Bulgaria’s co-founder – Paola Minekov. Paola talked about her professional career, the creation of the Alliance and the need of the existence and development of an international Bulgarian community.


Our members are proving this necessity every day. During Christmas and New Year’s holidays, many of you have written us and expressed desire to share international experiences and contribute to the development of the professional network. They all want to help, to tell their successful story and to help you write your own.

Ideas about new IBA Blog columns were born and they will be launched in the first months of 2019. We are happy to share them now with you!


She Means Business – A column by Anna Kostova, an internationally experienced entrepreneur, for business ladies and their fascinating stories, achievements and challenges.

Your best year yet! – Hristo Yanev, founder of the successful Bulgarian tourist company Vip-Sliven Ltd., will share insights about tourism and personal development.

Tax law and business – Ralitsa Mileva, a tax lawyer with more than 8 years of professional experience and a PhD candidate in financial law at Sofia University, will bring to your attention the most important details of tax policies and its changes at European level.

Different and cozy – Mihail Pechev, Via Stone Ltd’s CEO, will introduce you to the world of the materials for interior and exterior design as well as the unique products (ultra thin (2 mm thick) and light-transmitting single, natural monolithic tiles of marble, traion and onyx), which the company provides!

Wildtales Mario Shimbov, an active conservationist working closely with NGOs whose aim is the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife living in it. “Wild-tales”, would give the reader a chance to gain a better understanding of the natural world we face in our day-to-day lives, and how can this improve our lifestyle on a global scale.

Mishmash of Big Data – Андрей Русев, VP of Real-time Analytics, mishmash io.,  is launching a column about bits and bites and how they transform to a business and helps in developing the other types of businesses! The innovative software products of the company offer solutions for processing large amounts of information or computer algorithms.

Bulgarian Media Worldwide – Aneta Nedyalkova, Communication Specialist with 25 Years of International Experience, Director of Marketing and Communications of IBA.Bulgaria and Editor-in-Chief of Elysium Business Magazine will take you on a unique journey to the various Bulgarian media and journalists from all over the world. 

And many others…

Thank you for your trust! Every step you take gives us the strength to work even harder and dream even braver! In 2019, we have planned many other media campaigns which will give us the chance to help our most active members, make them part of our media campaigns and bring them even closer to their desired international success. Remember, if you have ideas and suggestions for your own interesting IBA Blog heading, you can email us at Together we are better!

Together is better!


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